Any individual who providing their services on short and medium term contracts basis through Limited company can be very efficient in tax saving. If you work as employee for same company you will be paying a lot more taxed then you will pay via limited company. To bring your tax bill down with right tax advice can be very efficient.

As contractor you can also enjoy Vat flat rate scheme. HMRC allows small business to register on flat rate scheme which means you will charge your customers 20% but you will pay to HMRC only 12% to 15% depend on your business sector. Useful Link

We will customise your tax planning regarding how to save tax.

We will charge you only as low as £40 a month depends on the business. You can pay us via direct debit monthly or quarterly depends on your circumstances. We will give you quote which includes everything Monthly Payroll, Personal Self-assessment, Vat returns and yearly accounts.