Whether it is that;

Your business has progressed to a degree that your current accountant simply can’t provide the level of service required by your business.


You are not happy with your current accountant due to excessive and random fee

Charges, lack of availability, change of ownership, retirement or any other dispute.

Whatever the reason may be, Changing your accountant is your right and if you have chosen MMR & co chartered certified accountants to be your next accountants we will take all the responsibility to make sure this transition becomes as smooth as possible with minimum disruption to your business.

The process is simple and straightforward. You will sign HMRC’s form 64-8 to authorise us as your agent to act on your behalf. HMRC will then send a code to your business’s registered address once it receives form 64-8. We will require that code from you in order to appear as your agents in HMRC’s system.

We will obtain professional clearance from your previous accountant and get all your documents and files held by your previous accountant. If you have any more queries about it please send us an email and we will explain everything in detail to you.